Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Sometimes it's right to do the wrong thing, and right now is one of those times."

Some of my favorite quotes:

"I got mad love for you, shorty. That's on the real. I like
— I wanna like listen to Boyz II Men when I'm with you."--Luke Shapiro

Certain people you just can't trust, you know Luke? Never trust anyone who doesn't smoke pot or listen to Dylan. Never trust anyone who doesn't like the beach. Never, EVER, EVER trust anyone who says they don't like dogs! You meet someone who doesn't like dogs you alert the authorities IMMEDIATELY and you sure as SHIT don't MARRY THEM" --Dr. Squires


One of the best independent movies I've seen in a long time, I definitely recommend checking it out (note for the lazy: it's on Instant Watch on Netflix!).


  1. MK was great in this, her over-the-top hippie outfit was perfect!

    lovely blog

    jess s//

  2. Oh I saw this movie! I loved it. Independent films are always great. They are so unique!

  3. I love that movie. Josh Peck is amazing.

  4. I've heard loads of great reviews about this film! Need to see it asap!

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